Last release of the year goes to…

We are proud to present the last release of the year which is the long awaited album of the original Thanx 4 Nothing band. The album is titled Accident Prone and is now available via our official release page. 

Monday Dec 31 9am  


Public announcement

We are going to be putting a stop on orders until after the new year begins. That way, we have time to re-stock and fill the large amount of orders currently being processed via Nate’s email account. We are sorry for the delay and sorry that we aren’t able to work faster. Our new years resolution is to work in a more efficient manner which will prevent something like this from happening in the future. 

Thursday Dec 27 10am  


Formal apology from Adenine

We apologize to everyone who has ordered The Sniper Rifles’ Lock, Load, and Kisses album and experienced problems with the disc or the digital copy. We realize that this is unacceptable and inexcusable on our part. We currently working on the solution as fast as we can. 

Thursday Dec 27 10am  


Songs About Our Exes preview

This is a song off of Thanks For Nothing’s new EP, Songs About Our Exes called Callie Rue

[Verse 1]

I already met the girl of my dreams. 

But then I fucked it up.

never should have listened to those doubts in my head

Could have had her, but I’m alone instead.


She’s the girl for me, I’m sure. 

I miss everything about her. 


She was always understanding

She was never too demanding

oh, oh

Callie if only you could see, 

What my mistake has done to me

Please take me back. 

Can’t we put this in the past?

[Verse 2]

She was everything I ever wanted

But at the time I couldn’t finish what I started

Ever since then I’ve been falling behind

Losing touch, going out of my mind

[Pre-chorus 2]

I lay awake at night and think of her

I’d give the world just to hold her cause

[Chorus 2]

She was always understanding 

She was never too demanding

Oh, oh, oh woah.

Callie if only you could see what my mistake has done to me 

Please take me back

I remember us laying in my room

listening to Green Day and never caring who

heard us as we talked all night,

You’d whisper, “I love you” until morning’s light


Now I wonder what happened to those times 

But deep down, I know that the fault’s all mine

Callie Rue, please can’t you see

that you mean more than the whole wide world to me.

[Final chorus]

You were always understanding

You were never too demanding

I love you girl…

Callie if only you could see

what my mistake has done to me.

Please take me back

Before my heart attacks

Please take me back

can’t we put this in the past?

Thursday Nov 29 10pm  


Pre-order our new album, The Jungle!


Hey guys, it’s Jeremy and James :S and guess what! Pre-order for our new album, the Jungle begins tomorrow on Adenine Records website! Someday, we hope to be able to market our music through our own website, but for now, we are thankful to Adenine for marketing it for us. Please go to: tomorrow to see how to pre-order our album! 

Thanks guys!


Sunday Oct 14 1pm  1 note


How to Pre-order The Sniper Rifles’- Lock, Load and Kiss here!

To pre-order the Sniper Rifles’ Lock, Load and Kisses, please send the following information to

Your Name

The Date 

The Catalog number (A-R-004)

And How you found out about Adenine Records

The only difference is that you put the subject as PRE-ORDER SNIPER RIFLES. The album itself will be 10 dollars with or without the Pre-order, but the pre-order package includes posters, copies of the journals that the girls wrote during the process of writing and recording the album, and of course vouchers good for tickets to every local show the girls play in support of the album. 

Posted by Haley Strenner

Thursday Oct 11 11pm  


Travis and Mackenzie: All Or Nothing

Travis and Mackenzie Gainnes (Yes, they finally are married) have been working on compiling recordings that they have done together since they were Juniors in high school. They are going to be releasing these recordings tomorrow at noon via the Offical Releases page on our website. The compilation album will tentatively be titled All Or Nothing. The couple says that they wanted to break tradition and that they were the ones who are giving a wedding present to the people.

-Posted by Haley Strenner  

Thursday Oct 11 11pm  


Sniper Rifles recording finally finished

The long awaited return of Riot Grrls the Sniper Rifles is finally over. The band has confirmed that they have finished recording their album and that it will be sent to Albion to be mixed, mastered, and edited. The girls had this to say about the album:

"It really is a relief to know that the album is almost out to the public. Sorry it took so long, but we forgot how bad we are at controlling our perfectionist personality traits. The album is going to feature Natalie’s brother, Nate, and Aleera and Michele’s sisters, Savannah and Harley. Savannah and Harley have confirmed that if we play any shows after the album’s release, that they would be willing to play as touring members of the band. We hope you like the album! Lock and Load and Kisses"- the Sniper Rifles

-Posted by Molly Thompson

Friday Sep 21 1pm  


Adultry Teens announce break up

The Adultry Teens just announced that the current line-up will be permanently disbanding due to their inability to see eye to eye on anything. They have placed a great deal of emphasis on the fact that this is not going to be an indefinite hiatus and that they are really breaking up. The band has also decided to give the legal rights to use of their songs to their counterpart band, Young & Hostile. What Y&H plans to do with all of the new material has not yet been specified. The Adultry Teens say that they will never reform with the same line up under the same name ever again and that nothing will change their mind. 

Posted by Haley Strenner

Friday Sep 21 1pm  


Naterz on 9/11

Hey, this is Nate from The Adultry Teens and Young & Hostile. And I’d like to say a few things about the events that took place 11 years ago today from 8::46-10:28. 

First off, I’d like to clear up the notion that my fellow punk rockers and I don’t care about 9/11, because that just isn’t true. It pains us just as much as it if not more when we look back on it. I am lover of my country but I cannot condone the fact that the leaders fail to take responsibility for their actions. When a national tragedy such as Katrina or 9/11 shows its ugly face, I feel like it is my duty as an American to try and help anyway that I can.

I’m not saying that the government was in anyway responsible for Katrina, and I’m not saying that they are FULLY responsible for 9/11. However, they do have some blood on their hands for the events of 11 years ago. It is my honest opinion that had their been more communication between the CIA, the FBI, the State Department and other government intelligence agencies, the threat could have been neutralized before it was too late. But then again, that’s always how the government acts… they refuse to change their policies until it’s too late. 

They waited until there were 2,996 dead and more than 6,000 injured. I can’t get peace of mind or comfort for the loss of my loved ones that day from knowing that. And when they do change policy, they always go overboard. But, I digress. 

I’ve been around death a lot in my life and I’ve heard it said that when you’re around it a lot, the idea of dying isn’t as scary. I can say for a fact that this isn’t true. I think I’m more scared of dying now than I ever was when I was younger. And I’m not afraid of not being remembered. I’m scared of dying. I don’t believe in God, heaven, or hell so I’m very unsure of what comes after you die. I wonder if those 2,996 people were scared that they were going to die that day when they got up in the morning. I bet they weren’t. 

Another thing I’d like to bring up would taste pretty sour on the tongues of most people, but for me, it’s something that comes naturally. That something is forgiveness. We are all people bred of the same species. Though we come from different places and believe in different things, the fact that we are all human beings is undeniable. Even though, I don’t share the views of the few radical Muslims, I would never persecute them because of their religious beliefs. If my history is correct, a great deal of the English Colonists wanted to seek refuge from persecution due to their religious views about the Anglican Church. Can we as Americans persecute a group of people because of religion when we ourselves came to the new world seeking religious freedom? It seems hypocritical to me. Also I’d like to take this time to add that just because a person is muslim, doesn’t mean that they are a terrorist. I’ve seen my fair share of bigotry and bias because of race, religion, skin color, and sexual orientation and I have this to say: Nobody is born a bigot. It’s true. The people around you shape who you are. They shape your beliefs, they shape your way of thinking, and they shape the way you treat other people. It’s not right to discriminate or generalize. Freedom of speech is one thing, but bullying and hazing is another. Think about that the next time your friends put someone down because of a personality trait. 

I will say this though. There is one good thing that came out of the attacks on 9/11. And when I say, “good thing” I’m not saying that the the events themselves were good. When Al-Qaida attacked the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the White House, as Americans, we didn’t crumble. We didn’t say that everything was hopeless. And we didn’t give up our hope. Instead, we became the one thing that Al-Qaida feared. We became a stronger and more unified Nation. We gained a national pride that hadn’t been seen for more than a century. 

But let us never forget those 2,996 people who lost their lives on that tragic day. Instead, we should celebrate the new found sense of pride and unity that has come out of the great tragedy. 

God Bless America


Tuesday Sep 11 11am  

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